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There may be a thousand versions of the Cinderella story, each with a unique telling which carries cultural information about the time and place the story was told. One thing is for sure; people everywhere like stories in which truth prevails over deception, generosity is ultimately rewarded, hard work overcomes obstacles, and love, mercy and kindness are the greatest powers of all. Today, some authors still like to retell and invent new fairy tales. So jump in and find out what makes these fairy tales so enduring, or try your hand at creating your own!

People all around the world continue to invent new fairy tales and retell traditional fairy tales.

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Fairy tales will often include a moral message for the reader. Thank you, Tanglin Trust School Library. Introduction - What is Fairy Tale? The Story of the Fairy Tale This is a piece of fiction from , written at the dawn of the 20th century, translated from Ewald's original language by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. I include it here as an excellent piece for inspiring debate and discussion when studying fairy tales.

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What Makes a Fairy Tale? A Moral The llesson the story teaches. A good character will typically start off as young, often poor and alone, unhappy, humble and untainted, but not necessarily perfect. They generally turn out to be respected and to have found power and happiness. Sometimes the "good" character has to face a series of "bad" characters to be successful.

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Supporting characters - these may be characters the good one has to free, or a helper in the quest, or the bad helpers of the evil character. Magic Many fairy tales have both good and evil magical characters that work to off-set the other's influence.

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Magic should always play a part in a fairy tale, whether it be pixie dust, a magic wand or any other form of magic you want to include. Some fairy tales have magic numbers.

During his time in office, Phibun was responsible for the cultural revolution of Thailand as well as changing the name of Siam to what we know today as Thailand. In fact, the word Thai actually means freedom or to be free. Consequently, he also encouraged the usage of spoon and fork as a replacement for the traditional way of using ones hands. Other cultural reforms included the traditional barefooted way of life, attire, the changing of Thai calendar year and other aspects traditional Thai living were altered to the more hybridized Thai-Western style.

Naturally, the military leader encouraged economic nationalism with anti-Chinese policies.

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In the support of the protectionism approach, he encouraged Thais to buy and eat Thai products as much as possible. One of his ideas was to create a new national dish that signify the stance of the new Thailand.

The Thai-ness comes from the additional ingredients of fish sauce, dried shrimp, palm sugar, tamarind juice, beansprouts, preserved turnip, Thai chillies, lime, peanuts and egg. There is no way you should miss out on this dish while you are in Thailand.

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As the concept of Chao Hostel is to reminisce and create an awareness to the authenticity of the Thai way of life, we like recommend the less well known yet fantastic places of hidden away in Thailand. This restaurant offers a very rare old school taste of Pad Thai. Much like local restaurants around that area, Pad Thai Nana has been around for many generations and is a favourite to the locals.

If you do not like prawns or dried shrimp, or even worse, allergic to them. Here are a few phrases that will assist you on your journey of delicious Thai food.